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Do you suffer from Dry Eyes or MGD?

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When you and your family need updated prescriptions, stylish new glasses or treatment plans for eye health issues, it’s time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Tahoe Sierra Eye & Optical.

Dr. Jeff Camp combines medical expertise with the latest technologies when performing vision exams on patients of all ages. Dr. Camp’s examinations can identify glaucoma, dry eye syndrome (DES) and other optical diseases. He’ll work with you to create a plan to improve your vision and overall eye health – whether that means corrective lenses, LASIK surgery or another treatment strategy.

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Dr. Camp performing an eye exam on a patient
woman using VMax Refractor

VMax Refractor: The Most Accurate Vision Test Available

Maximize your vision with the VMax Refractor at Tahoe Sierra Eye & Optical. Vision testing with the VMax Refractor is five times more accurate than a traditional eye exam, leading to unprecedented levels of visual clarity with your new prescription.

Additional services included in your complete eye exam don't stop there. Tahoe Sierra Eye & Optical utilizes the Optos Retinal Imaging System to see more, discover more and effectively treat more ocular pathology as well as the Adonia FotoFinder Skin Analysis System to measure cumulative lifetime sun exposure to the eye and facial areas.

Your eye exam is not the time to settle for less. Trust the most accurate and precise vision test available. Contact us today to schedule your  examination with the VMax Refractor.

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